: The Poseurs
: s/t CD
: 21 , 2011

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1. Intro
3. Shoplifting
4. Kill Shithead In Da Pit
7. Subculture Is Li(f)e (feat My Own Religion)
10. (feat Villainz United)
12. Not Dead Yet (feat Beng Beng Cocktail)

     The first time I heard about this band it was around 08-09 and Im sure it was either on Ya Cant Go Home or trough crs blog/community (Two of my fav sites, by the way). The name of the band itself is priceless and the music won my heart instantly. The amazing Russian band The Poseurs finally released ther self titled (and long awaited) record and its simply brilliant, it fits in the category skacore satanico in the vein of bands like Choking V, Morning G, LoC (neva stop) but its far more detailed and the band has created their own sound, which is amazing! Cuz most of the bands that play the genre cant easily quit the stigma about The dude sings like stza and most recently: you guys sound like no cash, the infested or the mad conductor
     Yeah, or should I say, hell yeah! The Poseurs are a unique band with potent lyrics, sing along choruses and lovely melodies! I mean, melodies filled with hate!!! You can easily get hooked up by a couple of songs, like Ill Stay Myself, Shoplifting, Subculture feat. Infktd (My own Religion, C-Rave) Or my fav song from the record, Burden. If you like fast melodic punk rock, filled with skankin beats and amazing and diverse vocal styles, you definitely have to download this record. Did I mentioned that its FREE!?? In case I havent, its TOTALLY FREE!!!
     One of the best releases this year and full of A+ tracks! And thats not all, these Russian mofos, love to hit on international collabs, like the French crystalcore kings, Beng Beng Cocktail, the scottish producer, Infktd and Villianz United! This record is a must!!